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Barcelona has a wide variety of nightlife activities throughout the city, you can find yourself from bars, restaurants, pubs, nightlife, parties, discos, etc. Without a doubt, it is the ideal city to carry out activities with friends, family or individually. But here we will highlight you about the nightclubs in Barcelona.

Every nightclub has a series of rules and access policy that anyone who wants to visit it or go to party must comply in order to enter. Taking into account that the Sutton Barcelona nightclub is one of the most exclusive in Barcelona, ​​the minimum age is highly regulated because they always ask for the original identification document (DNI) (photos do not work) to verify that you have the appropriate minimum age.

Minimum age to enter Sutton

The Sutton Barcelona nightclub requires a different minimum age for the parties it holds every week from Thursday to Saturday. Below we detail what is the minimum age at each party.

The Sutton Barcelona nightclub requires a minimum age to enter its parties, in this case, the minimum entry age is for people over 16 years old on Thursdays, +21 years old on Fridays and +23 years old on Saturdays. You wonder why this is the case and there is this age difference at parties.

Well, the reason is simple and it is that the Sutton Barcelona nightclub parties on Thursdays and Fridays are focused on a young and university audience with more Reggaeton and current Hits music. On the other hand, on Saturdays it is focused on more adult people because people who come from the surroundings like more House Commercial music and Top Hits at the moment.
It is very important to comply with the minimum age of entry according to the access policy of the Sutton Barcelona nightclub so that if this is not the case, it is most likely that you will not be able to access the nightclub. That is why it is very important to be the minimum age they ask for and enjoy the parties well.

However, not only the minimum age at the entrance of the Sutton Barcelona nightclub affects the client, but also that the clothing is appropriate and good behavior. If the doorman sees that you are drunk, he will not let you in.

Sutton Barcelona parties

Sutton Barcelona is usually open from Thursday to Saturday, although it has also opened some Wednesdays for parties of foreigners from the USA, but it is not usual. Click on the following link to see the parties that are in Sutton Barcelona.

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