dresscode Sutton Barcelona

Random people in Sutton Barcelona

Very elegant dress

Clothing is something that you have to take great care of when going out to party and even more so when it comes to nightclubs like Sutton Barcelona, ​​one of the most luxurious in all of Barcelona. If you don't know how to go, here are some guidelines to follow to get through the goalkeeper's selection. We recommend above all not to be drunk at the entrance or that it is not noticed and to be kind to the doorman to have more points to be accepted. 

Regarding the way of dressing, it should be said that you have to try to be as neat as possible, the more always the better and avoiding bulging colors or very striking patterns.


Inappropriate clothing to enter

Here are some examples of what not to bring to go to Sutton Barcelona.

Examples of how to dress

Here are some examples of people who would pass the goalkeeper's filter.

Cramer and Souda in Sutton Barcelona
Girls in Sutton Barcelona