Sutton Barcelona opening

Entrance outside Sutton nightclub

When Sutton Barcelona opens

Due to the coronavirus, in Sutton we closed the nightclub on March 13, 2020. A year and a half later in the week of June 21, the week of San Juan, thanks to the fact that the incidence was already lower thanks to vaccination and to avoid In more or less drink, the bottles that were being produced in the street, but even with the Delta variant alert, the discos were already allowed to open in compliance with the regulations and with a capacity of 50%. As of July 8, due to the increase in cases among young people and the new variants, a 15-day nightclub stop is planned. In order to attend, you had to book a vip table in Sutton.

Hours and restrictions

Opening only allowed until 3.00 and 30 minutes to vacate. 

Maximum allowed per table 6 people. 

Open dance floor with mandatory mask and without being able to have drinks on the floor.

Tables separated by 1,5 meters between them.

Stairs with letters by Sutton Barcelona
Bottles and sparklers Sutton Barcelona
Empty room Sutton Barcelona

Wednesday June 23

On Wednesday, June 23, the great and long-awaited inauguration was scheduled for San Juan. Afterwards, only open Fridays and Saturdays were considered for now. 

23 June

Fiesta San Juan

Tables at € 150 each 5 people

25 June

party a la mode

Tables at € 150 each 5 people

26 June


Tables at € 150 each 5 people