Sutton Barcelona entrance

Interior of the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona

Entrance fee to Sutton Barcelona

If what interests you is power enter the Sutton Barcelona nightclub , we will explain it to you. If you want to have Free Entry to any of the parties, you can do so by signing up through the Sutton Barcelona website with the Official list.

 You can enter the list for free, but you will have to queue for the list and enter before 1.30am. We recommend arriving in advance since once after 1.30am, you will not be able to enter for free and if you are still in line, you will have to pay the normal ticket if you want to enter. A good time to get to the disco is 0.30am.

Also, if you do not want to queue for the list and enter at any time, you have the option of paying the normal ticket which costs € 20 including a drink. 

Generally, admission is Free until 1:30 a.m. but the conditions may vary every week, so we ask you to check the website in case there is a DJ or special event or write us by WhatsApp to know which ones are updated and correct.

Price of VIP tables

The night becomes more exciting when you get bottle service. It's about living the music with the DJ, dancing with all the space you need, the best views of the club and the best drinks available. Reserve your VIP Table with bottle at Sutton Barcelona. 

VIP services include a special table for you or your group, bottle service, and the occasional side menu. In addition, we offer you a shisha menu so you can sit back and relax with a shisha in the club. You also have your own personal waitress, you don't have to wait at the counter to order and you don't have to queue to get in.

Straight to the VIP entrance with you!

Bottles and sparklers in Sutton Barcelona

Reserve your VIP table and a hostess will pick you up outside the club and take you to your table inside the club. You don't have to wait in line for entry. 

Everything will be ready for you once you show up at the disco  

Once you arrive at your table, we will present you the menu and you can order whatever you want. Your drinks will arrive quickly at your table and you can enjoy the night like the VIP of all the VIPs. 

At Sutton Barcelona we will provide you with the best suggestion to make a perfect decision when choosing a table. 

Girls in Sutton Barcelona
Random people in Sutton Barcelona
Bottles in Sutton Barcelona

We wait for you in Sutton Barcelona

If you want to enter Sutton Barcelona, ​​you can do it for free on the official list or by paying the € 20 entry with a drink from 1.30am. You can also reserve your table.